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SpinRepair® finally presents a worldwide patented »all-in-one« application against wrinkles, connective tissue dysfunction and orange peel skin. It is the new unique anti-aging-concept of an exclusive protecting active ingredient cosmetic product line, based on a development within medical technology.


With SpinRepair® it is possible to stimulate disturbed body cell functions and to stimulate the regeneration, as well as the formation of cells.


Active substance cosmetics


7 hour basic treatment · 3 hour top-up treatment


body care and beauty care products

These cosmetics are suitable for all skin types and for all individuals. They feature powerful formulations with a very high concentration of active ingredients and are not comparable to other cosmetics. The active ingredients which protect our skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation or UV instigated skin damage take on a special role here. All SpinRepair® products are free of perfume, emulsifiers and dyes.

Exclusive active ingredient

SPINREPAIR COSMETICS support the tissue-specific nuclear magnetic resonance application.

Special Ingredients

The ingredients of SpinRepair® cosmetics are highly dosed and have been specially tailored to the effect of the MBST® SPINREPAIR procedure. They undergo highly biocompatible biological preparation.


The focus here is on the ability of the skin to absorb required substances!


Thanks to the 3-complex hyaluronan formulation, this gel can also reach the lower layers of the skin. It helps water and active substances penetrate deeper into the skin. Multiple collagen boosters ensure that your skin is once again smoother and firmer to the touch..


After applying this cream, your skin is protected against light-induced ageing. It is also intensively moisturised and enriched with numerous special active substances!


The complex DMS basis guarantees instant optimisation of the moisture balance of your skin!

Awesome built-in features.

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Retina Ready

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User Friendly

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Selected Products

SpinRepair® cosmetics are structured differently. The products are free of emulsifiers, thus preventing the loss of natural barrier substances, and make a crucial contribution toward mitigating dry skin.


The open-plan coil system design consists of a combination of static and electromagnetic alternating fields. The static magnetic field is produced by direct current (DC) which is overlaid by the sweep field. The electromagnetic alternating field which has to satisfy the larmor requirement is switched orthogonally (perpendicularly) to it by means of a radio frequency. Due to the optimum geometry of the SpinRepair® equipment system success has been achieved in obtaining a large nuclear magnetic resonance therapy volume which results in simplified customer placement and minimal risk of inadvertent wrong positioning.


To achieve best possible success, we recommend: Apply only the Sp inRepair® systemic products as they compliment each other and are specially made to enhance the efficiency of the treatments. For lasting effect we strongly recommend to continue with SpinRepair® cosmetic products even after treatment. The SpinRepair® cosmetic products are based upon the DMS® (derma membrane structure) patents, and contain no emulsifying agents.


Application instructions!
Optimum performance in using the SpinRepair® high-tech systems is achieved if the following instructions are followed:

  • STEP 1
    Before using the SpinRepair® application, Pre Activator Gel should be applied according to the skin type. With dry skin apply more gel, with fatty skin less. Then apply Post Essential Cream, apply, if possible, „wet in wet“. You next use the SpinRepair® application in our novel device system. Proceed to apply gel and cream in the same way on each of the application days. Always use the gel before application and then the cream - if possible, „wet in wet“.
  • STEP 2
    In this active application period no other additional care products should be used under any circumstance as they contain emulsifiers almost without exception. Conversely, using make-up is absolutely OK. Using peelings from the SpinRepair® cosmetics system treatment line can increase the effect.
  • STEP 3
    Intensive exposure to sunlight should be avoided during the whole SpinRepair® application. Sun beds are absolutely out of bounds, they completely cancel out the desired effect.
  • STEP 4
    Normal outdoor activity and the associated exposure to sunlight are ok. When the SpinRepair® application is completed, the regenerative cell stimulation continues to be active for a long time.
  • STEP 5
    For optimum success SpinRepair® care products absolutely have to be further used during this time: Regular use of SpinRepair® Pre Activator Gel and SpinRepair® Post Essential Cream also continue to supply the activated effect process with the required moisture and active ingredients. It has been found that the smoothing effect on wrinkles of the SpinRepair® application can build even further, even after 6 months.

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